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Curriculum Vitae

CV: Resume

As much as I would like to say I've been an artist since school days, that's not the case. My first love was the sea and I spent many years crossing oceans to obscure places for a living. It was exposure to other cultures that drove my curiosity.

Later in life I wanted to do something that had been nagging away at me for years. I strove to become an artist... Not the first seaman to want to be an artist, there's famously Lucien Freud and Alfred Wallis to name but two.

So I went to art school in 2003 and graduated with a BA in 2006. Thought I could do a little better, so gained a Masters in 2008 and now have a Doctorate.... that wasn't the original idea when I ran away to sea at 16 or even when I started at art school.

....oh and I have a British Board of Trade First Class Certificate of Competency [Steam and Motor] as well, if that has any relevance. Probably not now! Quite proud of that one.

If anyone wants to check my doctoral thesis it is 'The Neo-Monument - Monuments of Dissent and their Emergence in the late 20th and early 21st Century' - its a corker.

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