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The Humanity Monument

This work was part of doctoral research into how artists address the monument today.

Taking the monument to be a method of communication,

how can the monument be a vehicle for dissent. 


The Humanity Monument'


Ultra-high brilliance LEDs, Steel and Wood. 2.4 metres x 1.4 metres.

The question "Where Is Your Humanity?" is not meant to be accusatorial, rather a suggestion that we should look at ourselves, look at our attitudes. Yet to some, it may well be seen as accusatorial but surely, little introspection will do no harm to anyone?

Humanity at Trowbridge

The piece has been fortunate to be shown in different spaces taking on a different personality in each space. Here it was shown in faded Victorian gothic splendour. The building had been a town hall, a magistrates court and latterly a coroners court attending to the dead soldiers returned from the Iraq war. All existential elements of humanity.


Humanity at 44 AD Artspace

Showing in a classic white cube allowed the work to become a 3D installation. The intensity of the ultra bright LEDs totally immersed the space and those within with a red glow. The red LEDs fool photography and show as white light In reality it is actually extremely bright crimson, hence the red luminescence. The concept behind it was to create a work that had high visual impact, taking its cue from advertising to connect with the viewer.

Humanity in Q-Park, London

In this incarnation, the venue was an underground car park in the West End of London. On the upper levels Ferraris and Bentleys stood dormant while migrants washed cars on the lower level.


Humanity at the Ugly Duck space, Bermondsey, London

This was the last iteration of the Humanity Monument for now. Humanity represents an incredibly powerful theme that permeates our daily lives. With the use of colour, and bright light, I hope the visual impact questions both the positive and negative tendencies of humankind, its selfishness, but compassion too.

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