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Douglas Clark


Clearly you have it, you found my website, so thank you.

I hope that curiosity transfers to my work.

For me, an artwork has to have something to feed ones curiosity. Sometimes it doesn't work, people don't get it, maybe their 'meaning' is different from mine, but I hope I can tell myself that I have tried to add something positive to life's experience.

Anyway, I hope you take a moment to look at my work.

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So what is my art about?

Fair question.  Well firstly, it has to have a meaning, something to make people ask themselves "what it is about?" Secondly, it has to have a certain presence, perhaps physical, perhaps visual. Thirdly, it has to interact with the space in which it is placed; the same piece can resonate differently in disparate environments. I don't mind if people hate my work, although of course I would prefer them to like it or at least to take a view. It is, in the end, a channel for communication. Other than that, I hope you will make up your own mind. Thanks for looking.

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Bath Spa, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1225722338

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